Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday: Ice-Cream Cones

I’m going through an ice-cream making phase just now (you may have noticed), ostensibly as a way of using up the all the soft fruit puree we have stashed in the freezer since last year – although the Pleasant View School House recipe is so delicious I can’t see us stopping when supplies of fruit run out. We have never been ones for buying or eating a lot of ice-cream before for reasons of sheer ice-cream snobbery (can’t bear to eat the cheap and nasty kind – can’t afford the premium kind) so making home-made ice-cream has been a kind of revelation.

However, eating even home-made ice-cream hardly counts as the most healthy of pursuits, nor would it be exactly frugal if we munched our way though bowls of the stuff each evening. Just one little scoop of ice-cream in a bowl looks so sad and lonely so to get round it we use…. cones. Hardly earth shattering but it means that I only need put a fraction into a cone compared to what I would put into a bowl – for the boys, just a couple of curls of the stuff, not even a scoop.

Being only 2 and 4 and innocent in the ways of ice-cream they don’t know they are being deprived (yet) and think that the cone actually adds to the treat value. It works for me too! We never had cones at our house when I was growing up. So the ice-cream goes further, the boys get a pudding they love without overdosing on sugar and Rob and I get to indulge without too much guilt.

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Mom2fur said...

I bought myself one of those ice cream attachments for my Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas, and have yet to use it! I need to do this...homemade ice cream sounds so good. Cones are a great idea, since you don't get much when you make homemade. (I'm with you on store bought--some brands are excellent, but others...yuck.) Oh, and you aren't depriving the kiddies when you use cones. Cones are too much fun to be thought of as 'deprivation,' LOL!