Monday, May 21, 2007

Rainy Day Joy

We had a lovely time this morning having coffee with a friend, but as we were about to leave the cafe the heavens opened. By the time I had fastened the rain cover on the buggy it was pouring down! The two boys were anxious to be home (they had been so good in the cafe but little boys have their limits, you know) so there was no hope of sheltering until it passed. My first inclination was to hurry home as fast as we could, muttering under my breath about the unpredictability of May weather, hustling and bustling the children. Little Isaac had other ideas.

For a 4 year old the world is an incessantly fascinating place. Rain is not a hindrance to a 4 year old boy- it is a positive addition to a walk home. He saw no need to hurry. This was fun. He was pretending to be a train, and “trains have to take their time in the rain in case their wheels slip and they come off the rails, Mummy”. He splashed in the puddles, he climbed on every thing that could be climbed on, he stopped in shop doorways (“stations Mummy!”) and offered hugs and kisses. When we reached home Elisha was snug under his rain cover, I looked like a drowned rat and Isaac was soaked to the skin, but perfectly content.

And drowned rat or not, so was I.

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