Sunday, May 20, 2007

Stylish Shirts!

It always used to be quite hard to find men’s shirts at charity/thrift shops, at least where I live. I think it was because men, bless them, being less preoccupied with fashion trends than women used to wear their shirts until they wore out and were in no condition for anything but the rag-bag. I’m not sure what has happened over the last couple of years but I am suddenly seeing a lot more men’s shirts in the shops than ever before. Not old tatty ones that have been lurking in the wardrobe for a decade or more but nice, fairly new, obviously expensive and remarkably unworn shirts. Maybe men are becoming fashion conscious and don’t want to be seen wearing ‘last year’s colour’.

It isn’t a trend that has reached our household yet, but what ever the reason for it God has certainly blessed us by it. My husband wears ‘smart casual’ for work i.e. not a suit but always a shirt and tie. I noticed that several of his shirts were beginning to look the worse for wear, and since I don’t possess the knack (as my mother did) of being able to successfully ‘turn’ a collar or cuffs, I knew we would need to buy some more. Imagine my joy yesterday while visiting my friend and browsing in an Oxfordshire charity shop, when I came across these two lovely shirts:

One is by Daniel Hechter, the other Thomas Nash and I imagine they would be at least £20 each new. I paid £3.99 each! My husband is thrilled and not the least worried that lilac may be so last season!

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