Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kerb-side Treasure!

Well not exactly found on the kerb-side but in a front garden, not far from us, leaning against the hedge. The house it came out of is being quite extensively ‘redone’ but the owners don’t seem to be living there and it took us a few visits before we could meet the builders and ask permission to take it. The moment I saw it I knew it would be just the thing for another bookcase in the boys’ room.

There is a little, oval, metal disc on the back, which says ‘Hussif Cabinets – British Made’. Originally I put the date at around the 1950’s but thinking about it is more likely to be original to the house, which would make it 1930’s. It is certainly well made and of solid wood. We cleaned it up (dislodging the wood lice and the spiders' webs) but it needs painting and divesting of sticky-back plastic. Until that day we have already pressed it into service as a bookcase and it is just the right fit for the space under the window.

I do so love salvaged treasures and God has blessed us with many of them. It is quite amazing what can be found in skips and bins and it helps to live in an area where the homeowners are perpetually ‘making over’ their homes.
Updated to add: This Vintage Chica has two great posts on dumpster diving here and here. A very inspiring blog.

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Laura said...

What a great find! Some of our "best" furniture has been thrown out by the neighbors, too. MY son has an oak dresser with very simple lines. It was a mustartd yellow when we found it on the street. My husband stripped off the paint and we left it natural. Perfect for a boy's use!