Monday, May 21, 2007

For Dinner Tonight:

Minced Beef and Vegetables in Tomato Sauce
Bulgur Wheat
Home-Made Strawberry Yoghurt

I can’t think of anything better to call the minced beef part of the meal! I made a big pan full of it, all sorts of veggies and some of last year’s tomatoes from the freezer. It will crop up in disguise later in the week. I did the same for the bulgur wheat – it is so easy and quick to reheat, a real time saver. My trip to the Turkish supermarket reminded me that we still have two 5 kilo bags of bulgur wheat in our store cupboard (under the eaves of the roof in our bedroom so a bit out of the way) so I have decanted some out for use over the next few weeks. The yoghurt was made using strawberry puree from last year’s harvest. I have never before been in the glorious position of having more strawberries than I could use immediately or give away, but last year was a bumper year! I’ve never had much success freezing whole strawberries – something very strange happens to their structure when they defrost – but freezing them pureed seems to work well, although it limits what you can do with them.

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