Sunday, May 13, 2007

Why It Pays To Recycle

We have no recycling collection where we live. The rest of the borough does (and we certainly pay for it in our Council Tax) but we don't. Something to do with being above a shop and not having a front entrance. So every Sunday afternoon, after church and lunch, we have a little recycling ritual. We load up the baby buggy with newspapers, jars, bottles and milk cartons and trundle off en famille to our nearest recycling point (we have no car you see). Sometimes we are handsomely rewarded. Today was such a day. In a plastic bag, by the side of the paper bank, was this:

Now our Council does not, as yet, recycle electrical items. The local charity shops will not take them just in case they blow up and you sue. So this was just dumped. No one to give it to. Too much trouble to put on Freecycle. Well, thanks be to God. We have wanted a radio for our bedroom for a very long time and this one plays cassettes too. The CD contraption does not work, but it may be possible to repair it. They boys were entranced with it and lay on the floor in the hall listening to it as if they had never heard a radio or cassette player before. They christened it 'the Recordio'!

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Laura said...

What a blessing! God provides even our desires!