Monday, May 07, 2007

The Language of Flowers: Professions

Aconite - A misanthrope
Apple blossom - A lawyer
Auricula - A painter
Auricula, scarlet - A miser
Box leaf - A stoic
Buttercup - A man of wealth
Cherry blossom, white - A man of learning
Clover, pink - A working man
Cypress - A doctor
Flax - A domestic worker
Foxtail grass - A man of sport
Hyacinth - A lover of games
Laurel leaf - A poet
Lily - A nobleman
Milkwort - A hermit
Nasturtium - A patriot
Oak leaf - A farmer
Pitch pine - A philosopher
Ragged Robin - A wit
Reeds - A musician
Rose - An artist
Thistle - A soldier
Tulip - A landowner

From: The Pleasure of Your Company by June & Doris Langley Moore, 1933

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