Friday, May 18, 2007

For Dinner Tonight:

Chicken and Vegetables in Orange Hoi-Sin Sauce
Homemade Banana and Brown Sugar Ice-Cream

The sauce was an invention - the juice of two very sorry looking oranges and some hoi-sin sauce from our local Chinese superstore (which deserves a blog post all to itself).

Off shopping afterwards to Lidl with a dear missionary friend of ours. If you have never tried Lidl then you have missed some bargains. It is rather like Aldis (which I also love - one is opening near us soon) and the quality and prices on almost everything is very, very, good. Then we had a great treat. I mentioned a few days ago how I missed the Turkish shops of Leyton. Well now I need miss them no more. My friend drove me to the most wonderful 'international' store - Turkish, Polish, Indian, African - all manner of fascinating things at very good prices (especially herbs, spices, dried beans and nuts). It isn't far from here but not somewhere that is easy to get to without a car. Is it shallow to get so much pleasure from a shopping expedition? I hope not. We thank God that He provides so amazingly for us when it comes to our food shopping and He has really blessed us here with good Christian neighbours and friends!

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MortonClan said...

Hello, again! No, it is not shallow to get joy from a shopping trip! We must 'gather our food from afar', mustn't we, and why not have joy in it!! God bless you, Jeanine Morton