Wednesday, July 04, 2007

For Dinner Tonight:

Tuna Fish Steaks
Green Salad
Chip Shop Chips
Homemade Black Currant Ice-Cream

Fresh tuna is usually way too expensive for us to buy (in fact I’ve only ever had it once before) but these frozen steaks were on special offer at Lidl: 2 for 99p. They were okay but I think I over cooked them (a bit tough). The green salad was from lettuce Rob grows in old milk cartons outside our window. The tomatoes were from the supermarket – I can’t wait until we have our own, although if the rain keeps up we may not get any. The black currants in the ice-cream were the last of last year’s frozen harvest. We await the onslaught of this years crop. A little black currant goes a long way in my book. Rob tells me the bushes are groaning with them and that they are as big as marbles. Oh dear.

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