Tuesday, July 17, 2007

For Dinner Tonight:

Spaghetti with Beef & Sweet Pepper Sauce
Homemade Gooseberry Ice-Cream

I suspect that this is the sort of dish that would make an Italian throw up his hands in horror. I tend to call any tomato and beef based sauce 'bolognaise' but I guess that some minced beef, fried up quickly with the addition of a bottled sauce doesn't really come anywhere near it! Very nice though and much appreciated by the boys who love a plate of 'worms'. The gooseberry ice-cream was a bit of an experiment, made with a jar of gooseberry jam that didn't really set right and didn't seal either. It is an intriguing taste - not like gooseberries at all - sweet, fruity, slightly sour and a delicate salmon pink colour.

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