Saturday, July 07, 2007

For Dinner Tonight:

Garlic Chicken
Couscous & Peas
Homemade Raspberry Ice-Cream
Cantaloupe Melon

An exhausting, but fun day. The garlic chicken was chicken thighs coated with 'Crispy Garlic Chicken' coating which we bought from the Chinese supermarket (an amazing place) some time ago. I unearthed it at the back of the cupboard while I was looking for something else! It was going to be baked potatoes but I opted for couscous instead because it is just so quick. The melon was half price at Lidl - such a bargain. I adore melon and could eat a whole one of any variety. One of my abiding memories of living in east London is the sight of dozens and dozens of watermelons piled up outside the Greek and Turkish shops. They looked quite unreal in their hugeness!

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