Friday, July 06, 2007

Menu Planning

Do you make a weekly menu of meals? I have done several times in the past and when I have I’ve always been encouraged by how well it works and how much easier it is when you have one. Then I forget that such a thing exists and just wing it for a while, and we end up eating pizza and ready meals because I haven’t planned anything and now haven’t the energy or the inspiration. It’s a self discipline thing, or rather the lack of it I guess.

But today I jumped back on the wagon and made a menu for the week. All this week I have been trying to rethink the organisation and running of our home. My sweet husband makes no demands in this area and I am aware of how my tendency to procrastinate etc has led to our current state of chaos. To put it plainly, I’ve been lazy. With God’s help, that will change and here is a small start.

While I was looking for some homeschool resources last weekend, I came across this splendid service . If you sign up for their service they will send you a 5 day dinner menu each week plus recipes and a grocery list to go with it – completely free! I’ve taken the menu for the 9th – 13th and adapted it a little bit to suit what I needed to use up from the freezer. I also had to make a couple of budgetary changes – food in the USA tends, I think, to be a little cheaper for most items and certainly for meat. I feel so excited about trying it and even if it doesn’t work out I think it has definitely encouraged me to start menu planning again. Off to Lidl tomorrow, list in hand!

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Laura said...

I agree. I do better at grocery shopping and meal prep if I've made weekly menus. I haven't done them lately, but I wish I had - it would help with all the guests we have with us if I knew in advance what I was making for each meal.