Sunday, July 08, 2007

For Dinner Tonight:

Couscous with Chicken & Vegetables
French Bread
Black Currant Coffee Cake
Cantaloupe Melon

There isn't much you can do with 3 little chicken thighs, left over from the night before, but this stretched them nicely. I fried some onion and mushrooms, added garlic, cinnamon and tumeric and then the chicken, stripped from the bone. I added the couscous with peas (another leftover) plus a fresh batch to bulk it out, salt and pepper. It was good, especially with some garlic and chilli sauce on the side. The coffee cake was an adaptation of this recipe from the lovely Pleasant View School House. I've made it before and it is very nice indeed. I used melted butter instead of oil this time, a cup of black currants and white flour as I was out of wholemeal. It made a very tender, crumbly cake and was wolfed down by the hungry boys. I'm trying to introduce the tastes of different fruits to the boys as often as possible in things like cakes and ice-creams and yoghurts (i.e. things I know they will eat). Isaac, in particular, is wary as can be about new foods but I'm hoping that this way he will not only discover new things that he likes to eat but also get used to the whole idea of trying new things in general.

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