Sunday, June 03, 2007

Happy Sunday

Well it has been a strange but very enjoyable day, by way of the Sabbath. We have hardly spent a moment indoors (weather glorious), so not exactly a day of rest - but we have spent lots of time as a family, enjoying all that God has blessed us with. Sundays are sometimes difficult for me (something for another post) but this was not one of them.

It started bad. I had intended to go to the 8am service, but battling a migraine decided to catch the bus. I got to the top of the road to see it sailing past. The next one would have got me to the church too late, so I came back to the house, took more pain relief and slept for a while. When I awoke we set out for the 10.30 service together. Our church has been running a 'Tent Event' in a local park for the last week. Lots of activities for the children and evening meetings for adults. Not exactly evangelistic in an explicit way, but a very low key 'Christians don't bite and are just like you' approach. My thoughts on this sort of thing would fill a page, but would not be worth reading. Church this morning was a sort of grand finale to the week, very exuberant and good fun, with an excellent Gospel presentation from our vicar. We had an encounter while there which left me reeling as to how people perceive home-schooling (definitely something for another post) but we were able to laugh it off. On the way home we encountered a dead badger: a cub that had been hit by a car. Rob moved it over onto the grass verge out of the way of traffic. That certainly prompted some discussion with our 4 year old. One only ever sees these shy creatures close up when they are dead, sadly. They are so beautiful and so large, even when young.

Home for a very quick sandwich and a cup of tea, then off to pick this year's supply of elderflowers and a happy afternoon rummaging around in the woods. Saw a beautiful oak tree which we had never spotted before. My husband, who studied forestry at university, reckons it is at least 300 years old. Astonishing. Then home with our harvest, another quick cuppa and out again to do the recycling. The boys rescued some unwanted toys that had been dumped and I 'liberated' a food magazine from one of the bins. Then off to the allotments to water and weep over the luxuriant growth of weeds. Finally, home for dinner, storytime and bed. We are counting the minutes until the boys fall asleep and we can join them!

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