Saturday, June 02, 2007

For Dinner Tonight:

Grilled Bratwurst
Potato Salad
Green Salad
Chocolate Chip Cake

A very easy dinner for a very hot day. Our weather is quite crazy here - pouring with rain and chilly one day, blazing sunshine the next. We all seem to be battling some sort of germ, so even this simple affair seemed like too much of an effort. The bratwurst were from Lidl and very nice (91% meat too). The cake was also a Lidl creation. I try to avoid buying 'shop cake' (usually all looks and no taste) but this was tempting, a bundt cake topped with icing sugar. What sold it to me (apart from the shape) was the description on the label that said it was made with quark. It was very moist indeed and a bargain at 99p.


Laura said...

What is quark?

Baleboosteh said...

It is a sort of curd cheese that they eat a lot in Germany (Lidl is a German company, I think). A bit like sour cream in consistancy, not so good for eating on its own but nice flavoured with other things or in cooking. As I was unpacking the shopping and describing the cake to Rob, Isaac gave me a puzzled look and asked:"Why is our cake make from quack, Mummy?"!