Friday, June 01, 2007

For Dinner Tonight:

Lamb Curry 'Surprise'
Roast Potatoes with Cumin
Homemade Strawberry Ice-Cream

The surprise element in the curry is that I didn't intend to make it, it just sort of 'happened'. I had planned to make a warm salad affair with (you guessed it) left-over lamb, onions, mushrooms etc with probably a minty dressing but as I stirred up the onions and the lamb it sort of spoke to me and said 'curry'. So I added more vegetables, some spices and fresh ginger, yoghurt and coconut milk powder and it all cooked together very quickly. The potatoes were already in the oven (cut up small, tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper) and I added the cumin half way through. I do like potatoes with curry, inauthentic as it is - but then I don't think anyone visiting from India would recognise what passes for curry in our house to begin with!

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Laura said...

That sounds so delicious! I can't even imagine having lamb leftovers to do a curry dish with.