Sunday, August 26, 2007

For Dinner Tonight:

Mr Wolf's Tea Party

Ever since we got our paws on a copy of Mr. Wolf and the Three Bears , the boys have been agitating for a proper tea party. What better occasion then than a visit from Rob's brother and sister in law and their two little girls. The menu was:

Sandwiches - egg mayonnaise, chicken mayonnaise, cheese and relish, and smoked ham with cream cheese.
Cakes - Chocolate and Banana Bread, Lushious Lemon Squares and Quark Cake with Lemon Icing and Chocolate Raisins.
Grapes, Plums and Chocolate Dipped Bananas
Homemade Raspberry Ice-Cream Cones

The Quark cake was from Lidl, and I just prettied it up with some icing and cholcolate raisins (ick, can't stand them myself). It is most certainly true that sandwiches taste better with the crusts cut off and sliced into little fingers but I am now left with enough crusts to make 3 bread puddings! But much fun was had by all - and there was no need to bake anyone into a pie at the end of the afternoon!

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