Wednesday, August 22, 2007

For Dinner Tonight:

Sweet Corn
Frankfurters with Courgettes and Tomatoes
Jacket Potatoes

You can tell we have never grown sweet corn before - it is such a novelty and we can't eat enough of it. I'm going to try and freeze some tomorrow but freezer space is pretty limited so we'll just have to munch our way through most of it. The courgettes are our own which we are very thankful to have; for a few weeks we thought we would have none at all which would have meant no courgette relish to brighten our winter! The tomatoes are ours too - but they are a sad story. We should be swimming in them by now and off-loading them left, right and centre, but the dreaded blight struck both varieties. We have had a couple of pounds of 'Sungolds' (a cherry) and about 12 'Romas' (plum). Ho hum. Tonight we are being adventurous and bottling plums. We might try pickling some too.

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