Friday, August 24, 2007

For Dinner Tonight:

Lamb Kebab
Vegetable Soup

Rob had the delicious kebab - made by the ever friendly Ali, who runs our local fish and chip/kebab shop. I finished up some vegetable soup I had made this morning. The children had sandwiches and yoghurts, watching a dvd on the computer. Bad, bad Mummy. It was a Beatrix Potter story, though and not something with mutant space aliens or brightly coloured blobs, honest. Can you tell I'm carrying mummy-guilt?
We cleaned out the refrigerator tonight, Rob and I. I wish I had taken a before photograph but it really would not have been pleasant viewing. Threw away an embarrassing amount of rotting veg and various jars of stock that had been mouldering in there for goodness knows how long. Rob washed down the shelves and baskets. We've had a problem for sometime now with water pooling at the bottom of the fridge and then freezing. Tonight we discovered that the drain hole at the back was blocked with a horrid, quivery white substance. No idea what it might be (or might have been). We cleaned it out, fervently hoping it was not some lubricating substance vital to the running of the machine. Now we have a sparkling clean but very empty fridge. Shopping tomorrow!

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