Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Housewives' Monthly Calendar 1936: April's Table of Work

If Easter happens to fall in late March, and you manage to finish your spring cleaning before it, April should be an easy month in the home. But if, when Easter happens to be early, you have to leave some of your spring cleaning until after the holiday, then finish it at once, or as soon as you can.

1. Hang up clean or new curtains.

2. Clean or wash winter curtains and other soft furnishings, and store them away in a moth-proof bag or cedar-lined chest.

3. Plan your spring wardrobe if you did not re­furbish it for Easter.

4. Look over your bottling equipment, and renew anything required.

5. Prepare for egg pickling and early jam making, and if short of preserves, make lemon cheese and orange and pineapple butter.

6. If you did not make grapefruit marmalade when you made Seville orange, make it now.

(The Housewives' Monthly Calendar by Elizabeth Craig, 1936 Chapman & Hall, London)

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