Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Housewives' Monthly Calendar 1936: Sandwiches and Fillings for the month of March

1. Bridge rolls, put together with liver sausage mashed to a paste with cream or salad dressing, and flavoured to taste with lemon juice. Use with thin slices of radishes.

2. Mix ½ cupful of picked shrimps with ½ cupful chopped fried chicken livers, and minced onion or shallot and pepper to taste. Season with salt if re­quired. Moisten with mayonnaise. Use with thinly buttered white bread.

3. Stir ¼ pound ground dates, ¼ pound minced figs or raisins, and ¼ pound ground mixed nuts together. Mix in the strained juice of half a lemon and half an orange. Use with thinly buttered brown bread.

4. Wash, drain, and mince enough watercress to fill half a cup. Moisten a cream cheese with cream to taste. Stir in watercress. Spread on small rounds of wholemeal bread. Sandwich with a slice of scalded, peeled tomato.

5. Mix salmon and shrimp paste with chopped olives to taste. Use with white bread and butter and cucumber

(The Housewives' Monthly Calendar by Elizabeth Craig, 1936 Chapman & Hall, London)

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Laura said...

Anything mixed with cream cheese makes a great sandwich filling! One of my favorites my mother used to make was cream cheese mixed with chopped dates and nuts. Another good one is cream cheese with chopped spanish olives and minced onion. Delicious finger sandwiches!