Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Housewives' Monthly Calendar 1936: Tea Bread for the month of March

Pastries: Lemon cheese cakes; Bakewell tarts; Mille feuilles.

Biscuits: Chocolate; Ginger; and Coco-nut pyramids.

Buns: Cherry; Chocolate and walnut; and Hot Cross Buns.

Layer Cakes: Orange; Chocolate with butter cream filling; and George Washington.

Large Cakes: Madeira; Dundee; Seed and Ginger.

Sandwiches: Puree au foie gras; cream cheese and walnut; Tunny fish moistened mayonnaise and flavoured with minced pimento, used with bread toasted on one side; bridge rolls covered with chicken, or tongue salad and cress.

Note: To make toast sandwiches, cut toast in half, butter inside thinly, and put halves together with filling.

(The Housewives' Monthly Calendar by Elizabeth Craig, 1936 Chapman & Hall, London)

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