Thursday, November 09, 2006

By way of introduction

I have always battled procrastination but you really would think that by the ripe old age of …well never mind, I might have made some progress in defeating this enemy. I have not. Many times in the last few months I have sat down intending to blog (with the encouragement of my sweet husband, supplying me with cups of tea). Nothing has been accomplished as you can see. With the number of blogs I have written in my head I could have filled a book by now (well an ebook). It has all come to nothing. The problem with procrastination in the area of journal writing is that life has a habit of changing dramatically and very swiftly. Before you know it circumstances have altered so radically that what you intended to write is entirely redundant. Since making my last entry life has been filled with birth, death and everything in between; tears, and through the grace of God, much joy. Ah well. I will start again (spurred on by the kind comment from the mortonclan, whose own blog is a delight). So, an introduction…

I have been married to my dear husband Rob for six years now and I am blessed to be a ‘stay at home mum’ to our two little boys Isaac (just 4) and Elisha (nearly 2). Rob works full time for a Christian charity that provides support services for evangelistic projects, as well as running a number of theology and church history websites. We have both, in fact, been in Christian work or ministry for all of our adult lives – hence the frugality bit in this blog description! We live on the London/Kent borders in a small, not quite a town/not quite a village sort of place. Very nice it is too – we have lived in inner city locations that were far more, shall we say. ‘exciting’ and not half as pleasant.

Our home is a small maisonette. I’m not sure how international that term is so by way of an explanation a maisonette (according to is "a self-contained apartment (usually on two floors) in a larger house and with its own entrance from the outside". In our case we are not in a larger house but rather above a shop. We have no garden but are blessed by being able to rent two allotments nearby where we grow lots of fruit and vegetables and we try to live an ‘urban homestead’ life as much as possible. Our dearest wish is to love and serve the Lord and to see our children do the same. We are committed to passing on to them the Christian values we ourselves try to hold on to. For this reason we have made the decision to homeschool – which certainly marks us out as strange, eccentric creatures (if having no car, no television and no home of our own hadn’t already done so to those who know us)!

So now you know a little more about me. Having re-read the above it seems like a very dry list of facts. Life is, in reality, very rich, varied and hectic. Coming to married life and motherhood relatively late in life ensures that it is also never dull. Blessing me with two little boys is evidence not only of God’s abundant goodness but also of His sense of humour. It is not always easy. Like many Christian women of my background and age I battle with the legacy of feminist thinking and influence. The British Christian community is not exactly the most friendly or supportive place for women seeking to live out either the Titus 2 or Proverbs 31 vision. I grew up in a loving and encouraging, traditional family but building such a family for myself never featured in my childhood aspirations (I was going to be a High Court Judge, a pioneering doctor and a famous novelist!). Even when I became a Christian at 18 those self-centred ambitions changed little – except now I was going to have God batting on my side too. I even thought of entering ‘the ministry’ and pastoring a church. Goodness, what a disaster that would have been. All this is to say that like many women today who are rediscovering God’s call to be ‘keepers at home’, I am learning and being grown as I go along. And motherhood is hard on the flesh whatever your age or theology. I have been greatly encouraged by the blogs I have read of women and families who are travelling down the same road. I hope that God will use this blog to encourage you likewise.

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MortonClan said...

What a delightful post! What a delightful family and home. Wouldn't it be fun to meet one day!! Oh, aren't feminist lies hard to shake? They are in our training so deeply. I take great courage from the truth that God is greater than those things and can help me renew my mind according to His Word!! I have been crying out to HIm to cleanse me from those wrong ideas and help me to be an excellent wife. Jeanine Morton