Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weary Week

Many apologies for the sparse nature of blogging around these parts. It has been a horrible 10 days or so. Rob brought home a nasty little virus that proceeded to wreak its virally havoc throughout the family. It hit Elisha the worst: I was so worried about his breathing that I took him to the doctor. The doctor examined him and promptly called for an ambulance, which bore us off to the hospital blue lights and sirens blazing. Miraculously, we were only at the hospital for seven hours. A cautious doctor wanted to admit him but there were no beds. There was talk of transferring him to another hospital (miles away) but thankfully the demigod they brought down from the paediatrics ward agreed that as his condition had stabilized (thanks to oxygen and steroids) he could go home, provided we promised to call an ambulance if things changed at all. Within 48 hours he was his usual bouncy self, praise God, by which time I had gone down with it!

We are trying to be disciplined and have early nights since there is no guarantee of sleep after midnight - the virus has temporarily altered all our body clocks it seems and we are waking at all sorts of odd hours. We try to be in bed by 9.30pm (Rob and I, that is) but the hour between 9 and 10 must be the fastest hour of the day and bedtime has been sliding towards 11 or 11.30pm. Disastrous!


MortonClan said...

We are praying for y'all!

Mrs Pea said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog - it's been so nice to read back over your blog and see how many things we have in common, really - it makes life seem less lonely and "out on a limb" and is the one blessing of the internet I think.

We have a Lidl just a couple of minnutes from our home but I don't shop there as we mainly buy unprocessed foods - and I had a few bad experiences with Lidls meat that put me off eating meat for a while. Do you actually like their food? I think maybe what makes it hard for me to use them is that the store is dirty, smelly and the other shoppers put me off. I know it's awful - but it's one of the reasons I can't stand our local Asda - they seem to attract the alcoholics and drug addicts and the teenage mothers screaming abuse at their children. What things do you think are good there? And I saw you also shop at Iceland. Again, we have one near to us but I have a dubiousness about frozen meat/fish - largely because by the time it is defrosted I start thinking it is "contaminated" - this is why we couldn't keep our allotment - I was worried about the contaminated food - I know there are slugs and insects on supermarket food too but I don't ahve to see it. Do you find you need to to another shop at a regular supermarket too? Actually this comment is too long and makes me sound like a crazy lady with nothing in common with you. It's just nice to meet a frugal mummy from England who goes to shops I've heard of and who uses words I use!

Baleboosteh said...

Dear Adeline and Morton Family,
Bless you and many thanks for your prayers.

Baleboosteh said...

Dear Mrs Pea,
Your comment made me hoot with laughter! I do know what you mean, I think. The Lidl where we used to live was in a very 'neglected' area and the store itself had an unloved and unkempt air. A good place for a pastoral outreach but not so nice for the lone female shopper. By contrast, the store we use now is in the middle of a bustling little town, very well run, clean and tidy. We are generally really pleased with their food, although we too tend to stick with unprocessed foods and 'ingredients'. They have a very good organic vegetable range and even some Fairtrade products now. Their turnover is very quick and the store is obviously well managed and I think that helps a lot. You have to have confidence in where you are shopping - if you have doubts about the quality of the food or the cleanliness of the store then it can certainly put you off your food. Not that I am terribly squeamish and I tend to worry more about the horrible things they adulterate food with rather than any nasties that might be on the food!

As for other shops: we use Iceland mainly for milk, pizza and the occasional ready meal. My thoughts on Iceland would make a post in themselves - I really don't like the store. We do most of our shopping at Sainsburys as we lack a greengrocer and a reasonably priced butcher. I've never enjoyed shopping at Asda, I've always found their stores too big and unfriendly. If you have to shop frugally it really helps to be able to shop in a pleasant environment!

Your comment has given me food for thought - I'll try to do a post on my frugal favourites from Lidl and other places.

Meredith said...

Hope your family is feeling better now : )

vintage twist said...

Hope your all soon feeling better.